Buying a Used Car? Check it! provides information about salvage or junk vehicles; damage from hail, flood or fire; mileage discrepancies or odometer rollback; and gray market vehicles. We do not claim that the car got in our databank has salvage title, but the fact that it has been damaged for sure. Our site helps people avoid buying a damaged vehicle in the past.

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Make Model Year VIN
MAZDA MAZDA3 2008 JM1BK343781815424 
MAZDA MAZDA3I 2007 JM1BK32F671740758 
MAZDA MAZDA3 2006 JM1BK143161440907 
MAZDA MAZDA3I 2007 JM1BK32F171734981 
MAZDA MAZDA3I 2004 JM1BK12F741202151 
MAZDA MAZDA3I 2005 JM1BK12F351341873 
MAZDA MAZDA3I 2008 JM1BK32F081855695 
MAZDA MAZDA3I 2010 JM1BL1SF1A1171679 
MAZDA MAZDA3I 2010 JM1BL1SF0A1230690 
MAZDA MAZDA3I 2011 JM1BL1VF3B1440763 
MAZDA MAZDA3I 2011 JM1BL1VF7B1440510 
MAZDA MAZDA3I 2011 JM1BL1VF7B1426185 
MAZDA MAZDA3S 2005 JM1BK123351318468 
MAZDA MAZDA3S 2005 JM1BK123551329598 
MAZDA MAZDA3S 2005 JM1BK123451336722 
MAZDA MAZDA3S 2010 JM1BL1H55A1115534 
MAZDA MAZDA3S 2010 JM1BL1S53A1354685 
MAZDA MIATA LS 2000 JM1NB3538Y0145707 
MAZDA MPV WAGON 1997 JM3LV5238V0819761 
MAZDA MPV WAGON 2002 JM3LW28A020321194 
MAZDA MPV WAGON 2002 JM3LW28A420300817 
MAZDA MPV WAGON 2002 JM3LW28A420324387 
Make Model Year VIN
MAZDA MX-6 LS 1994 1YVGE31D8R5167476 
MAZDA PROTEGE DX 2000 JM1BJ222XY0260952 
MAZDA PROTEGE DX 2001 JM1BJ222710416497 
MAZDA PROTEGE DX 2003 JM1BJ225X31112751 
MAZDA PROTEGE DX 2000 JM1BJ2228Y0268709 
MAZDA PROTEGE DX 1999 JM1BJ2228X0149606 
MAZDA PROTEGE DX 1999 JM1BJ2229X0169539 
MAZDA PROTEGE DX 2000 JM1BJ2227Y0278034 
MAZDA PROTEGE DX 2003 JM1BJ225X30127577 
MAZDA PROTEGE ES 2000 JM1BJ2216Y0294328 
MAZDA PROTEGE ES 2000 JM1BJ2211Y0309561 
MAZDA PROTEGE ES 2000 JM1BJ221XY0284367 
MAZDA PROTEGE DX 2002 JM1BJ225621578188 
MAZDA PROTEGE ES 1999 JM1BJ2213X0110090 
MAZDA PROTEGE LX 1998 JM1BC1421W0180308 
MAZDA PROTEGE PR 2002 JM1BJ245521533353 
MAZDA PROTEGE PR 2002 JM1BJ245121547203 
MAZDA PROTEGE PR 2003 JM1BJ245131152066 
MAZDA PROTEGE PR 2003 JM1BJ245331128206 
MERCEDES 560SEL 1990 WDBCA39E1LA548824 
MERCEDES C280 1999 WDBHA29G8XF820585 
MERCEDES C3204M AWD 2003 WDBRF84J23F382717 
MERCEDES E320 2000 WDBJF65J9YB121292 
MERCEDES E350 2010 WDDKJ5GB0AF020991 
MERCEDES E420 1997 WDBJF72F6VA497309 

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